New York Swallows History


New York Swallows History

Things were simpler moments before
semantics flooded the room
don’t you think? Yes was yes,
no was no. Data miners kept their distance.

We condemn every besieged democracy
but our own.
Wash our hands of the planet.
Improvise bomb, not courtesy.
Darken the sky with drones.

Stock men spruce up Zuccotti
like we were never there.
How New York swallows history –
an ambush predator constricting its prey.


Black Ops

Black Ops

The blonde general
w/ her own reality show
and randy coterie
puts me on the kill list
as the banking clan feed
off the hireling’s platter.

She lays waste the periphery.
Advancing forward, well heeled, feral cats,
who won’t dance to Tchaikovsky,
tie me to the brunette’s bed.

They want something out of me
I just don’t have. Gospel. Faith that somehow
we’ll get past this dreamless time,
this querulous point of vast debate