Two new poems: The Last Penny & Jude the obscure

The Last Penny

Your desire to live

on your wits alone

is admirable, but a loneliness

few could fathom.

You have built consensus

but why? What’s the point

of cordial rapport

within a hunting species?

Why presume

all men are equal

when they’re not?

Who holds

the last penny

gets to to sport

seductress and the king.

We’re born to this,

so our muteness runs deep.

Tagged to the blood

like the need to eat

overrides elocution,

supersedes blossom,

stands plural, w/o air.


Jude the obscure

I’ve lost the will to shave

and that ain’t all. I can’t relate

w/o suspicion.

I stop in to see a film.

It begins. Grainy, off-white.

Elvis appears in intimate flannel.

Says the answer is in sporting goods

then asks me where’s the mens room.

I point north

but don’t really know.

Don’t really care

as you might suspect.

I’m prone to chaos

when I listen to clocks.

Fire and water defy man.

The ATM is a rite of passage.

Tone deaf to my appeals,

children of the pestilence

say the darndest things.

Small minded men tend to govern.

Freedom is more

than changing the channel.

Never committed to the genus,

I cavort w/rage

As God’s casino

welcomes the herd.

Churning the dust

of the black market,

I find it all offensive

and full of dark intent.

Like the light has gone out

in the theater

and the exit doors are locked.




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