Steady Climb

Steady Climb

I hold these trees
to steady my climb
Like I held your hand
across Third Avenue.

It was a big city then.
Not closed off
to those who built it, shaped it,
climbed its scaffolds to the sky.

From this peak, looking south,
I barely see its high points shimmer.
From this peak, looking in,
I see you still beside me
on this steady climb.Image




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Is the brain a pre-existing illness

or are you just always fucked up

and on the verge of remedy?


That’s one of my last three questions

granted by the warden. That,

and I’d like to know

who set these blood vicissitudes

to prey on our dispositions?


Finally, and this should come

as no surprise

to anyone in town

who reads my odometer,

I’d like to know why we take this shit

lying down when we have the numbers to stand

taller than their dollar, taller than their guns,

taller than their armies paid by our labor’s crest?

Why do we cower and buy their TV

hoping to see ourselves on the screen?