Sudden Death

Sudden Death

Your mother doesn’t vote and your father forgot how.
The mayhem genius went to great lengths
to insure the funeral wasn’t too sad.
A high priority phone encounter
is a nice way of saying
someone ripped you a new one.
Being near-sighted on the far side
doesn’t make you 20-20.
When big boys spit crumbs
they stain their trousers.
My deceptions, though many,
fall short of your legion.

Supple doxies take their wage in gamer points.
The republic’s been trending
this way for some time.
Buddha’s new coat needs repair.
Uneven floors are my sole companion.
Dark w/priests,
Red Skelton mimes through Soho.
Nocturnes surround me,
and as per her suggestion
I took a Skil-Saw to its bones.
The death of Bic 6819
went a lot like this.



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