four new reconstructions

In Monet’s Light

In Monet’s light
she caught my eye
on Opening Day
at the Milestone.

I was schlepping
sixty pounds of sugar
from the pantry
when I heard her sing
a ditty from the city
w/a shy invitation
I couldn’t resist.

Her finest dress
was a hand-me-down
from Molly, her older sister
who was four months pregnant
by another townie
her Daddy was gunning for.

When the coast was clear
and the shotgun espousal
a thing of the past,
I proposed. And here
we are, sixty years on,
toasting Opening Day.

No Synonyms for Women

Aren’t you the dude I trumped
on the high school debate team?
Your lack of hair
doesn’t surprise me.
I knew perfection was elusive
and laughed back then and I
advocate for it now.

There are no synonyms for women.
Believe me, I looked.
Pursued, rummaged every known source
and hint of rumor. Every shred of gospel
I exhumed from the sand.

Reality is treacherous.
The result of your meme.
You were always
you’re mother’s son,
perpetuating myth, not mercy.
And I swear there’s nothing
like New York City
when you exit stage left
to a standing O.

Carney Saga

It’s a lush retrospective. An off-kilter account
of my time in Tucson
where felony befalls me
for leaving blood
in the Santa Cruz.

I was your period, stage coach playboy
wooing town women
from panties and purse.

Like that Bob Marley song
Clapton demolished,
I shot the sheriff
from Sentinel Peak.

I bid farewell
my spit-shine days
and went underground.
Keeping the carney humming.
Assisting the bearded lady
every Tuesday when she shaved.

Like Watching Gidget Go Astray

America’s movie
runs too long
w/o intermission.
Miscast and over budget.
A loosely scripted, noir tangle
w/an adorable heroine
the crowd cheers on.

Quirky. Cute. A boyish do
in Sixties’ clothing w/a belligerent streak
she’s nurtured since Vinegar Hill
keeping the pot on boil.

It’s not a thriller, per se
nor fairy tale. Nor is it parody
for parody’s sake.
It’s like watching Gidget
go astray: Come home.
Turn color. Run for office.
Stab her husband
w/a corkscrew. Plead sincerely
then write a book.
It’s like watching ants cluster
and go to war. Go to war.
Like watching ants cluster
and go to war.



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