three new reconstructions

Seducing Vivaldi

A rumpled scholar

and small talk mendicant

walk into a bar.

Their discourse diverted

by a redhead’s

crimson interrogation

of another sleek vision.

Both  in black

highly evolved

and sworn to secrecy

Sentient favors redhead.

Her counter-intelligence

intuitive to his nature.

The professor savors

the blonde oval mouth,

her ease w/medication.

The barmaid mixes toxins.

Cohesive maps

fail the brave and

if you’re waiting

for a punch line

Forget it!

The time for jokes is over.


God’s Particle

The Higgs Particle and I

were at loggerheads

and threatened

by multiple choice.

Like it or not

the bedlam’s built in:

Every mob

has a few loose cannons.

We’re all elemental,”

Higgs chides.

How about here?”

I reply.

I hear they have great burgers.”


The Clown of Humboldt Street

Stalin’s daughter

googled me and

came up empty handed.

My rep erased

by my third ex

Who swore she’d get me

and did.

I was now Dewey Bozell,

the pall bearer’s son.

Whose own mother questioned

why women succor

such shambling rogues

as Dewey Bozell

the pall bearer’s son.

The clown of Humboldt Street.

all c.2015 mj



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