the appoinment

the appointment

A graduate from Gnome,

a little known school

in a town where trees

have funny shapes,

explains my waning

as App Fatique:

A modish disorder

of tendon and scholar.

As he piles on

the systemic failures,

the same dull sense

a cow feels

en route to my table

seeps like sepsis

through me.

The workers of pestilence

flood the room. Each w/an

insurance form

and co-pay tariff.

Flying like science,

they busy themselves

w/machines and franchise wonder.

Each little miracle color-coded.

Dosage unknown.

Still, there persists

an air hunger. A lassitude

that smudges the day. An immiscible brew

of barium and trace metals. An arthritic cog

disrupting the motion of the machine. A fidgety bone

that warrants removal.


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