Beyond the Amish

Beyond the Amish

Beyond the Amish,
the city extracts
its own extortion.

Beyond the Amish –
the Anthropocene,
when the kids came down
w/whooping cough.

Beyond the Amish
and oratory, the glamour and
gymnastics, we eat prescriptions
that uphold their structure.

Beyond the Amish,
we cut off water
to the castaways.
Volunteer votes
for hardness pills.

Beyond the Amish
when odd births occur
among the rank and file,
Rich men invest
and piss in the tide.

The republic’s been trending
this way for sometime
in case you haven’t


metric years

Bless me Father
for I have sinned.
It has been
metric years
since my last avowal.

I lose my bearings
to cardiac cuties
w/Leadbelly eyes.
I helped Lola
steal the sky
and watched Congress
ransom my country.

I bray on the sidelines,
a leveraged captain. My hands
where they shouldn’t be
and my debt
in the banker’s pocket.

I grease the gears of warring nations.
Guns and cash. Bodies and dope.
I pass between borders like money
and I assess what the last men standing
need to be the last man standing
and get it from my trunk.
Where I always carry dynamite
and a pile of prayer I’ve dis-used.

I know the resistance
needs command,
but I’m too accustomed
to wine these days.

And our feeble coup d’ etat
is just that, Father.
Feeble. Pale.
A slander. A joke.
Nary a fume
from the King’s fat ass.