All The Lawns Are Perfect

“If you can’t convince them
confuse them instead,” I read

above the urinal.

So here goes:
It’s beautiful out there

you dumb motherfuckers.

The trees are green.

The air is clean

and the ocean’s aren’t dying.
We all get along.

And all the guns

are locked away

and we’ve thrown away the key.
Our children dance

on streets of gold. 

Clear water bathes

all babies butts.
Love abounds

and all lives matter.

Black ‘n white

no great divide.

Rich ‘n poor

eat side by side

and all nations hold hands

at Christmas. Plan a trip at Haji.

Drop their tools on Yom Kippur.

Trade agnostics. Tell tales of Ram Navami,
Oh yeah man

it’s sunny and white over here

and all the lawns are perfect.

The shelves are stocked w/o GMOs

health care is free and

we’ve cured all illness.
We’re free! Free! Free man!

Get on your goat ‘n ride.


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