wrote and read and wrote

then I manned the lifeboat to 

her warm welcome shore


it was your hands in

mine this morning holding this 

frayed book of prayer


here I am holy

forgiven  betrothed to the

greater force within 


imagine both of 

us rolling in the leaves  born

again in the earth


besides playing the

piano  I would like to fall

here  these woods  someday


nude turtles and tea

child of option tastes the rain

full May moon   shining


like me  laundry

un-ironed  unfolded  my

crude ways unwelcome


what if there is no

middle ground and we do not

get away easy


suddenly  out of

nowhere  I find myself with 

bouquet of haiku


earth remembers and

repeals  decides  over-rules

our rude presence here 


love and grievance fall

softly on this wintry day

smokestack kills the sky


I climb this mountain

to root myself  be cut by

the wind of season


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