Packaged Brightly

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury
what else do you need to know?

How they’ve fleeced your bloodline.

Gutted your sons and defaced

your angel daughters.
How they put the planet

up for sale. Sky brown. Dead Sea.

Cut down mountains to get their goods

to a new market now that yours is

dark and shuttered.
How you always owe them something

even if they’ve claimed

each extremity. One by one.

Lopped off metaphorically and

thrown in a hole
leading to 

the process machines

that break the shit down

into dinner. Packaged brightly

w/lots of salt. And sugar.

And booze. 18% by volume.
How we dance on our last leg

the latest gyration. The newest dodge

and hustle. And I wish I had a hacksaw

to cut the shin away.


Letter Home

Some Civil War guy

in 1863 wrote:


Martha, I have seen

the dog

n pony


and I

cant watch

no more.


Me neither.

I know

the feeling.






I know

the blood

don’t matter.

The air

is out

of the



You can call

customer service.

But I doubt

they answer

the phone.