marchnycI can’t pronounce


three times fast

but that’s hardly

the point. You may not think

the socialism of Heaven

is a big deal but I do.

It had better be.

I’ve bet my whole life

on it.


So state your case

‘cos I gotta pee.

The jury’s plotting

mutiny. My son graduates

at five and his mom

promised maybe.

C’mon. Let’s go.

Let’s get a jump on this three day

and cut around the dead and detained

at the airports.


Look. This is really

cut n dry. I’m on your side

and they can go fuck

their white-nation state.

I’m gonna judge w/extreme

prejudice and set the workers’ free.

All of us. It’s our time now

despite their thumb

on the atomic clock.


I came upon a man

bruising himself w/stones.

The orange king decrees it

he cries. The gravel cutting

his skin. His blood pooling

at the base of the foot of a wall.

It’s meant to keep us in

not them out I told him or

tried to tell him

above his chanting. But his children

soon joined in. Then his church and

union hall. At potters’ field we assemble

in colorful rags: An army stumbling

upon itself sharing selfies.

Unlike the regiment that reclaims ground

for the lord. baron. king.


I’ve tried real hard

to keep politics

out of these things

but I can’t. I’ve learned my lesson

and today is yours. Today we advance

one more step towards union. And some

will fall and some will turn and some

will make it, like Martin said.